Distances Between Towns and Cities in Lima

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Here are the distances between Lima and other cities by road, including some important tips for your trip. Like the north coast the south is practically desert, apart from the valleys of the Pacific Rim.

Towards the North: The most important coastal cities are connected by the northern Pan-American highway. The distances are easily calculated along the length of the road. It is easy to travel by car, as long as you bear in mind traffic regulations. Peruvian drivers tend to be very fast and slightly unconventional when behind the wheel.

Huacho: A city 130 km away. To get to this small city that is bustling with commercial, industrial and fishing activity you must cross through the Variante de Pasamayo. Be careful when taking this turning, it is for light traffic only as it passes over the top of Sandy ridges, heavy traffic travels along the coastal cliffs, skirting narrow precipices, where one needs to drive very slowly along with the lorries and buses. However if you take the Variantes it is easier and quicker, apart from on foggy days.

Supe: A town where you will find the turn off for the Caral ruins, it is 158 km to the north of Lima.

Huarez: 440 km from Lima, it is in the valley of the western range, known as the Callejon de Huaylas, it is the Switzerland of Peru, because of its snow covered peaks that make up the Cordillera Blanca (mountain range).

Chimbote: the biggest city of the Ancash province, a city that centres its work round the fishing industry, it is 440 km from Lima.

Trujillo: 557 km from Lima, is the nearest city with commercial flights from the large airlines. A flight from Lima to Trujillo doesn?t take more than 45 minutes.

Chiclayo: 760 km from Lima, the capital of the Lambayeque province. Along with Trujillo it forms part of the coastal Moche route, rich in archaeological remains of the Moche culture, the main historical treasures are the Dama de Cao, the Señor de Sicán and the Señor de Sipán.
Piura: The city of eternal heat is 972 km away from Lima. The area of the same name is famous for its beaches (Máncora, Los Órganos, Cabo Blanco and Colán) as well as its crafts and gold and silver works of the nearby town of Catacaos.

The Pan-American Highway carries on southwards from Lima, linking the capital with the cities of Pisco, 250 km away and Ica 303 km away. These cities make up the Pisco route, product of the Peruvian flag.

The enigmatic Nazca lines are found 460 km from Lima, next to the city bearing the same name. These ancient geoglyphs, named as heritage of humanity by UNESCO, are a collection of geometrical and anthropomorphic figures that are still subject of discussion today by many scholars as to their significance.

The White city of Arequipa is 966 km from Lima. It is known as the white city because of its beautiful architecture made of ashlars, a white volcanic substance. It is famous for its monasteries, and churches as well as its picturesque countryside.

Tacna, a heroic city that is also very commercial, is the capital of Peru?s most southern province, 1293 km away from Lima.

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