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There are plenty of fiestas in Lima, and of all kinds. Of the 12 holidays in Peru, 7 are religious.

Holidays in Lima, days when people don?t work are called Feriado. The religious feriado are well described in the section Customs and Religion, the most important out of them are Easter and Christmas. Easter is a time of processions, when the re walk the stages of the cross, churches are visited on Holy Thursday to allow for reflection on the passion and death of Jesus while on the way to the Calvary. In the main square in the Santiago de Surco district, a competition of flower rugs is held on Holy Friday, with religious motives, the festivities end with the Holy Sepulchral procession.

Before Easter we hold the carnivals, traditionally with fancy dress parties in the more important clubs and bars in Lima. On the streets the young ones tend to throw water over each other to cool off from the heat. These games are controlled by street security, as they can start to throw water at those walking the streets that aren?t actually part of the games.
The 18th of January is the city of Lima?s anniversary, and even though everyone works on this day, in recent years they have organized events and serenades with Creole music and artists representing Lima?s local art scene. It is a great opportunity for all tourists to come and visit as the concerts tend to be free. In some years even the President of the Republic has been in attendance.

The non religious holidays are on the First of May (workers? day), the 8th of October (Battle of Angamos) and the First of January (New Year). If these feriados are a day before or after a weekend they tend to offer promotions for holidays within Perú or nearby countries.

The most typical Creole fiesta, without a doubt is the Day of the Creole Song, on the 31st of October, that coincidently is also the Night of the Witches or Halloween. The competiveness between outside and Peruvian traditions is inevitable, as different events and festivals are organized, by the Creole clubs (restaurants offering Creole and folklore music) and also fancy dress parties. The children tend to be the ones who follow Halloween, dressing up and trick or treating.

But of all the patriotic parties in Lima, the biggest are the Fiestas Patrias, held the 28th and 29th of July, when the President of the Republic offers a yearly speech and a Grand Military Parade is held. In July there are many celebrations, that is why it?s called the Patriotic month. The Gran Corso de Wong ( a supermarket chain with much tradition and fusion of the Peruvian and Peruvian cultures) is held in the Miraflores district, with emblematic carriages, music bands, the ancestral dance of the Chinese Dragon, and of course folkloric dancing on the mountain range, along the coast and in the Peruvian forest.

Other celebrations are the Feria Taurina of the Lord of the Miracles (held between October and November) Peruvian, Spanish and Mexican bull fighters take part, and then there are of course the New Years parties that cannot be missed.


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